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Reply To: Tunisian nurse wants to relocate to Scotland? How do you help candidates?


Yes, of course, our goal is to support nurses and midwives to pursue their careers in the UK.
For Better Health (FBH) Global, the exclusive recruiter in North Africa accredited by ‘NHS Employers’, and which respects the code of good practice in the United Kingdom (UK), contributes to the recruitment of versatile nurses (all specialties) and midwives, who want to develop their careers in the United Kingdom (UK).

The only conditions for having a guaranteed post in a hospital in the UK are:

1. One year of professional experience as a nurse or midwife

2. Pass the English IELTS exam with a minimum score of 7

3. Pass the CBT MCQ exam

To encourage nurses and midwives in North Africa to develop their careers in the UK, FBH Global offers:

· Free and personalized support is offered to each candidate during preparation and until recruitment by a hospital in the UK.

· FBH Global is offering 50% of the price of English Preparation Courses and IETLS on our platform. These courses are developed by English experts and conform to UK practice.

· Once the candidate is recruited by a hospital that we guarantee, we will reimburse the candidate for the IELTS exam fees.

Once recruited by the hospital, you will be integrated into a service and you will benefit from a “Mentor”. The hospital will pay you and prepare you for the 2nd part of the “OSCE” practical exam.

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be enrolled in the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Your potential and opportunities can always be developed according to your ambition.

Besides, here is the number of Mouad the host of the webinar + 212 614 563 706, and the Email: clients@forbetterhealth.co.uk

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