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Resilience is a vital skill to use in times of change, hardship and adversity. Today you will learn how to improve, strengthen and maintain your resilience!

This IOSH Approved Online Resilience Training course will provide your staff with the tools needed to build resilience in order to better manage challenges and maintain good personal wellbeing in the face of adversity. It includes the 'Five Pillars of Resilience' and is a simple yet effective course that is CPD accredited and suitable for all levels of staff.

This course is made up of 3 sections and a test. You must complete all sections of the course in order to access the test.

By the end of this course you will have learned:

* What resilience is and why it's crucial for your wellbeing

* Factors that weaken resilience

* The importance of self-awareness and how to put it into practise

* What the 5 Pillars of Resilience are and how to strengthen them

* How to approach and handle challenges, change and adversity

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Original price was: €25.Current price is: €19. *excluding VAT





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Course description


  • Learn more about the 5 Pillars of Resilience
  • Learn how to build resilience and deal with challenging situations
  • Maintain good personal wellbeing in the face of adversity


A study conducted by CV-Library, surveying over 300 UK employers, found that 57% of employers see resilience as a key skill for candidates.
PositivePsychology.com defines resilience as “Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.”
Effectively, resilience is the ability to be able to bounce back from difficult situations.
Our IOSH Approved Online Resilience Training course will educate your staff on what resilience is, the importance of this skill, how it applies to the workplace, and it touches upon common barriers to building resilience and how they can be overcome.  It also focuses on the 5 Pillars of Resilience:
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Future Focus
  • Inner Focus
  • Physical Health
  • Healthy Relationships

Resilience isn’t necessarily something a person is born with. Anyone can develop resilience, as long as they have the tools and are willing to put in some time and commitment. Strengthening your resilience is just like strengthening your muscles - you need to work on it consciously and regularly and you'll reap the rewards.


Each of our courses ends with a multiple-choice test to measure your knowledge of the material.
This Resilience Training course concludes with a 20 question multiple-choice test with a printable certificate. In addition, brief in-course questionnaires guide the user through the sections of the training and are designed to reinforce learning and ensure maximum user engagement throughout.

What does my certificate include?

Your Resilience Training Certificate includes your name, company name (if applicable), name of course taken, pass percentage, date of completion, expiry date and stamps of approval or accreditations by recognised authorities.

Why is this training important?

By providing your employees with the tools and techniques to develop resilience, you are helping them understand how to handle a challenging or highly stressful situation, how to adapt, and how to come out stronger and wiser.
Many employers value resilience as a highly sort after commodity in employees. A resilient employee is likely to be motivated by a change or challenge and see it as a positive opportunity for learning. This course also considers organisational resilience, which refers to the company as a whole. In a company that shows good organisational resilience, employees will be able to navigate their way through any hardships with minimal loss in productivity.

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