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Nursing Updates

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In this new and fast changing word, demand for expertise is huge and market competition for experts is getting fierce. The health sector is becoming so vibrant; there is huge demand for care, new expensive technologies and treatment, high population expectations and public health challenges. Health professionals have been under constant pressure to perform under unprecedent pressures and seek continuous professional development to respond to the demand of employers and advance their own careers.

Nursing Updates brings unique and innovative continuous development to nurses and midwives in North Africa to enable them to advance their career locally or internationally. This training is for those who would like to work at high profile Clinics and Hospitals in their own countries or in Internationally renowned Hospitals in the United Kingdom.

This training is a programme based on international standards is offered flexibly to suit all participants. It includes:

  • Communication skills
  •  Technical skills
  • Non-technical skills
  • English for nurses that is developed by experts in Cambridge in the UK
  • The programme also offers development for those who strive to continue their career and live in the UK

Many of the Nursing updates courses and training is delivered on our state-of-the-art e-learning platform For Better Health Academy. Simulation is another important aspect of this programme, and it is offered as interactive workshops emphasising on the most competencies health professionals must acquire and perfect.

What makes the Nursing Updates program different from other continuing healthcare education programs?

  1. Based on international labor standards
  2. Developed by experienced national and international nurses and experts
  3. Conveniently programmed to allow full participant interaction
  4. Offers unique training including technical and non-technical skills
  5. Open new horizons for career development nationally and internationally​


  • To enhance clinical competencies necessary for high performance in Hospitals
  • To update their knowlegde based on Intenational normes
  • To develop communication skills that allow you to care for national and international patients in a complex environment
  • To develop clinical skills to enable you to work independently and take robust decisions
  • To develop soft skills that enhance their development personally and professionally
  • To offer you a developement that open up opportinuties to enhance your career locally or internationally
  • To prepare you to take on a career in the United Kingdom and elsewhere



  • English for nurses(100 hours)
  • IELTS preparation(50 hours)
  • IELTS writing(25 hours)

Nursing Updates in Technical Skills​​(Face-to-face)

  • Hand hygiene & infection control
  • Aseptic non-touch technique
  • Administration of medical calculation skills
  • Administration of oral medication
  • Recognition of acute deterioration
  • Basic life support
  • Urinalysis/urinary catheterisation
  • Measuring, assessing & recording vital signs
  • Safe disposal of sharp
  • Wound care

CBT Exam Preparation

  • Generic nursing competencies
  • Application of generic nursing competencies

Nursing Updates in Soft Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Health and safety essentials
  • Manual handling
  • Handling information in care
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Confidence building
  • Health and safety in care
  • Your personal development in care
  • Fire awareness
  • Bullying and harassment for employees
  • Equality and diversity in care
  • Stress awareness
  • Fraud prevention
  • Privacy and dignity in care
  • Safeguarding adults (SOVA) level 2
  • Safeguarding children
  • Time management
  • Slips, trips, and falls prevention


  • Individuals who would like to continue their career in the United Kingdom also benefit from reimbursing the cost of IELTS exam (MAD 2600) once they are recruited by a Hospital in the UK.
  •  Programme is subject to change.
  •  Language of the programme: The programme delivery and material are in English, French and Arabic.
  •  Please contact us for more details.


English for nurses

Dive into flexible online English learning tailored to your needs, starting immediately.

IELTS preparation

Prepare flexibly online for the IELTS exam, recommended for advanced English learners ready to take the test.

IELTS Writing

Enhance your writing skills online for the IELTS exam, recommended for advanced English learners gearing up for the test.

Nursing Updates in Technical Skills​​

Stay updated with online, flexible technical nursing courses, starting right away.

Nursing Updates in Soft Skills

Embrace online courses focusing on essential soft skills for nursing, including work ethics and patients' rights, promoting work-life balance.

MCQs CBT exam Preparation

Engage in comprehensive online preparation with over 1000 MCQs, access to answers and resources, and guided classroom discussions on exam topics.


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