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Food Safety and Hygiene – Level 3

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This course trains supervisors, managers and business owners on all things related to food safety, hygiene, and managerial responsibilities, to keep businesses fully compliant with legislation and food safe at all times.
This Food Safety & Hygiene Level 3 course is aimed at supervisors, managers or business owners working in the food industry. It identifies key areas within food safety and hygiene, allowing problems to be identified and resolved with the ultimate aim of ensuring good practices throughout the whole business. This course matches the CIEH syllabus and meets UK/EU legal requirements.
By the end of this course, learners will:
* Understand the nature of all foodborne illness and food poisoning
* Learn about bacteria and how to prevent the different types of contamination
* Have a full understanding of their managerial/supervisory responsibilities
* Know what hygiene practices must be in place and followed by all staff
* Understand the basics of HACCP/food safety management systems
* Understand the role of EHOs and assisting with inspections/investigations
* Understand the importance of staff training and how to organise it
* Be able to implement procedures that keep their business compliant with all food safety legislation
* Understand how to keep food safe at all times (i.e. temperature controls, storage, cooking, PPE, linear workflow, pest control, cleaning schedules, maintenance etc…)

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